New Dramatic Cocktail in Lubbock
Nitro-Cocktails are Lubbock’s Newest and hottest cocktail that is minus 320 degrees. It is Infused with liquid nitrogen making it the sexiest and most refreshing cocktail you have ever had in West Texas. Our Team is educated and trained in the art of Nitro-Cocktails for the safety of our team and guests.
 Liquid nitrogen is served at -320°fahrenheit. Our Nitro- Cocktails are dangerous if this warning is not followed completely. DO NOT Rapid Ingestion the Nitro-Cocktail!  Before consuming any of our Nitro - Cocktail's please allow a minimum of 2 - 3 minutes.  Wait for the cloud - like Liquid Nitrogen to completely evaporate entirely and sizzle has diminished .   DO NOT attempt to inhale the water vapor, as it may disrupt the balanced ratio of nitrogen to oxygen gas in the air that you breathe.  Failure to follow this warning in its entirety may result in severe burns, permanent internal organ damage and other detrimental health problems. These Nitro-Cocktails will not be served to any one that is under 25 years of age that appears to be under the influence and/or that has been drinking prior to coming into our establishment. Please enjoy safely and responsibly.